The Chronoscouts are an elite squad chosen by SUBWAY to wield legendary time traveling devices called Chronowatches.


The scouts were chosen one day when Bobby Gill and Presley Hostetter were eating kids lunches at Subway discussing Bobby's upcoming autobiography. The reason they originally went was to get Zootopia stickers, since Bobby is a fucking furry. But upon closer examination, they were Junglebook watches. Bobby threw a hissy fit since he didn't get his yiffy stickers, and joked about how maybe the watches could give them time traveling powers. But then they DID, using the watches built in ability, Chronobust, any 2 users or more can travel with eachother to different timelines.

Colors and Powers

The original color coding for all of the scouts in the spring 2016 arc goes as follows:

Purple: Magical sparkle power, can blind and use PSI abilities, given to Presley Hostetter

Orange: Sand/Earth power, can be used to control.... earth. Given to Bobby Gill

Blue: Ice/Water power, controls H2O, given to Madi

Red: Fire power, wields shape shifting flames, given to John C.

Green: Eco friendly powers, can create grass and make life almost anywhere, given to Tim

Gray: Infinite power, only to be wielded by the most pure of heart. Was to be given to Ella the God

The fall of the chronoscouts

Everyone scattered during the civil war, and the only original watches that remain today are Orange and Gray, but since Gray is only for the most pure of heart, nobody but Ella in the 2016 Nugget Ama-con godsummon arc can actually use it's power, so Bobby is the only Chronoscout left, but his watch's time functionality is skewed so he can only use a tiny fraction of it's power, basically making it useless.