Nugget is the main antagonist of ChronoWarp, he is directly and indirectly responsible for every mishap and chaotic event in the series. His main power is the control of the timeline, with his stand R4V3 B0Y.

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During the Golden Age, Nugget was simply a pure villager infatuated by the femanine wills of Dotty. Influcenced and charmed Nugget slowly began to plumment. His mind was set on doing things to catch Dotty's gaze. Soon the world Nugget lived in became corrupted from the player forgetting to save. He become consumed by Dotty as a punishment for resetting the game. No longer Nugget had any good within him. A villiager named Coco saw what happened to Nugget and drew a legendary sword to defeat him. Little did Coco know this fight would awaken Nugget's stand, R4V3 B0Y. His new powers defeated Coco, and warped him away from the world of Animal crossing.

This transcended Nugget into a land of database. There Nugget suffered until a light came upon him. He awoke in the Mii Maker, his creator was Toni. John Paul looks into Nugget's eyes as he is created. Destiny has marked these two to be arch rivals. 

From here Nugget starts his destruction. His mentality terrorized from his forced solitude, his heart set on corruption influenced by Dotty. The ChronoScouts are the only ones with the capability to defeat Nugget, but his powers prove to be a wall in their way. With ultimate power at his side Nugget corrupts all.